equilibrium line

Its effectiveness is immediate; the recovery of your skin’s optimum pH, and the balance of dry or oily skin. Oxygenating: the number of cells receiving oxygen triples and cell division increased by 20%. Restructuring: increases cell activity, encouraging the elasticity of youthful skin. Hydrating: a balancing effect on the mantle, smoothing and closing pores.

facial bio-molecular

Pure vegetal extracts to nourish, regenerate, firm, hydrate and activate the micro-circulation of the dermis specially develop for sensitive or reactive skin, perfect also after skin extractions as they have been developed based on 0% bacteria tolerance. These complexes can be used individually or together to get a personalised treatment for the client’s skin.

refining peels

Chemical peels are essential for maintaining skin’s health and appearance and they are available exclusively through an authorized Eberlin skincare professional. Eberlin peels line consist of 1 peel Neutraliser and 4 different types of peels: Glycolic, Mandelic, Kojic, Lactic peels.